Technology Infusion

Access Advanced Technologies

  • Streamline small business teaming

  • Work with vetted candidates

  • Rapid identification of funded opportunities

We work with defense prime contractors and other industry leaders to facilitate technology infusion from small, high-tech businesses. We work closely with the technical leads to understand their needs then proactively identify and vet small businesses who can meet that need. We offer SBIR solicitation management support to facilitate rapid topic selection, distribute topics of interest, and vet potential candidates.

Access Small Business Innovations

Are you looking for a technical solution? We work with hundreds of small, high-tech companies and can quickly find relevant technologies for a wide range of applications.

Committing your team’s time to review SBIR/STTR solicitations to find small business teaming opportunities can be a time-consuming investment. Our custom-built topic search tool quickly matches your technical areas of interest with published solicitation topics.

SBIR Solicitation Management

Small Business Subcontracting

Need to fulfill a small business contracting requirement with relevant and vetted companies? We can help. We take on the workload of finding and vetting companies with specific skillsets to meet your project needs. Our services significantly reduce the opportunity cost of performing this search with in-house staff.