Tech Transfer Resources

Turn Your Research to Products

  • Monetize intellectual property

  • Establish licensing partnerships

  • Spin out new businesses

One of the primary goals of research institutions such as universities and federal research laboratories is to commercialize the intellectual property that they develop. We work with Technology Transfer Offices to identify valuable IP, proactively market that IP to the right businesses, and identify specific funding opportunities to support technology development.

Matchmaking Between Technology, Small Business, and Funding

Our proactive approach emphasizes combining intellectual property developed in research institutions with small businesses that can transition the invention to a product and funding sources that can support development.

Don’t let your valuable intellectual property sit idle on a shelf. We can proactively market your IP to existing small businesses and large corporations, or we can help your inventors with the funding and logistics to spin out new companies.

IP Licensing

Secure New R&D Funding

We have an exceptional track record of securing funding for our clients through the SBIR program and other federal contract & grant vehicles. We also work with venture capital and other private investors to secure funding for high pay-off technologies.

Launching a business is a high-risk endeavor and we take a hands-on approach to enable inventors and entrepreneurs to take those first critical steps. We provide both detailed, nuts & bolts guidance as well as long-term strategy development.

Enable New Startups

Mentor Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can benefit from a broad range of advisors. We offer on-going mentoring to small businesses through either a retainer arrangement or board membership.

Mary Ann Bonadeo

Tech Transfer Resource Lead