TABA Overview

Additional Funding for Commercialization

  • Product sales

  • Intellectual property protections

  • Market research

  • Market validation

  • Certifications and regulatory plans

  • Manufacturing plans

Each participating agency may provide up to $6,500 of SBIR/STTR funds for Technical and Business Assistance (TABA) per year for each Phase I award, in addition to the award amount. Agencies may also provide up to $50,000 of SBIR/STTR funds for TABA per project for Phase II awards. The amount of TABA for Phase II awards, as determined appropriate by the head of the Federal agency, may be included as part of the recipient’s award or be in addition to the amount of the recipient’s award.

Technical and Business Assistance funds can be used to engage a dedicated business development firm like TechOpp Consulting. As your TABA provider, we develop and execute the commercialization plan and create the intel and connections required to break into applications. Our support frees you to focus on your Work Plan and technology maturation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What agencies provide TABA funding?

For a complete list of agencies and how they implement the TABA legislation, please visit this page.

For agencies and branches that do not offer the additional TABA funding, we offer the same scope of work under a small subcontract. This is a great value and will significantly increase your chances of securing your next stage of funding.

What if I am proposing to an agency that does not provide TABA funding?

Can I customize TABA support to fit my specific needs?

Absolutely. As your TABA provider, we work for you and we focus our efforts on your specific needs.

If you are currently pursuing topics, simply visit this page and enter your topic information. Our letter of commitment will be sent to you, along with detailed instructions on how to apply for TABA funding, within 2 business days.

How do I apply for TABA funding?

I have a question not listed above.

We’re happy to chat. Please contact us.