Project Management

Execute with a Purpose

  • Credible and thorough planning

  • Ensure on-time deliverables

  • Improve reputation with funding agencies

Our project management approach is unique because we tailor our support to address the challenges faced by a limited staff focusing on science and technology. We partner with your technical team to create an actionable plan (typically in MS Project) that is time phased and resource loaded to give you a tool to keep on schedule and within budget. We monitor progress and create customer deliverables enabling you to keep on your technical track. We emphasize early and regular engagement with the federal customer to ensure focus on ideal outcomes. Effectively executing SBIR projects will develop advocacy within your sponsoring program and improve your ability to secure future funding.

Engage with the Federal Customer

Responding to the topic description and winning a SBIR project provides an opportunity to meet the customer and learn “the rest of the story.” Even winning project plans require significant changes once you are face-to-face with the Program Manager. We engage as a part of your team to set quantifiable expectations thus improving your chances of project success and securing follow-on funding.

To be successful, the project must have specific tasks and deliverables that build towards an ideal outcome defined by the customer’s Program Manager. We are experts at planning each task to be done, emphasizing what is to be done, how it is to be done, what is needed to start the task, and how to recognize the task is completed successfully. All within the constraints of budget, schedule and contract requirements.

Thorough Project Planning

Monitor Project Progress

We lead the project progress monitoring according to the plan and create customer report content. Our decades of project management experience helps us navigate the complexities of technical performance, contract terms and conditions, small business/customer and team interactions leading to a successful project, both for the customer and the small business.

We assist the small business in identifying employees with a project management skill set, mentoring them through on-the-job training and facilitate in-house project management competencies. This support is particularly useful when utilizing new project managers / principal investigators.

Train to Self-Manage

Focus the Team on Ideal Outcomes

It is sometimes easy to let projects drift off-track if the completion of key deliverables is not at the forefront of the team’s thinking. We have frequent interaction with the research team to ensure work is focused on key deliverables and milestones, improving your probability of success.