Customized SBIR Proposal Training

Force Multiplier

  • Targeted to your specific growth goals and needs

  • Improve organizational performance

  • Significantly increase R&D revenue

We provide customized training to enable your team to compete for funding more effectively. We cover a broad range of topics but most importantly, this training is focused on your organization’s specific growth goals and needs. Training can be held at your location, our location, or virtually.

Proposal Bootcamp

We offer a unique, 2-day exercise after which your proposal writers will never approach a proposal in the same way again. Using their own past proposals as a reference, we teach them how to evaluate their proposals the way the reviewers do.

Have you performed a quantitative, company-wide analysis of proposal debrief comments? We review and catalog debrief comments from past proposals and determine strengths and weaknesses at the organizational and individual levels. This analysis enables us to fine-tune training content.

Pre-Event Analytics

Customized Proposal Development Training

Our customized training addresses your specific organizational growth goals as well as weaknesses identified in the pre-event analytics. We don’t just train your team to write great proposals. We enable them to create new business opportunities.

Using current proposal efforts as a focal point, we provide individual mentoring and guidance to your key personnel.

Individual Mentoring