Technology Accelerators

Providing Expert Guidance to Small Businesses

  • Provide new perspectives to your companies

  • Provide surge support during busy seasons

  • Additional services

If you are providing support to small businesses, then we want to work with you. We offer several services tailored to be offered through organizations who are supporting small businesses in specific locations.

Business Mentorship

New businesses are often started by technical experts who are leaders in their technical field, but lack business experience. We provide mentorship at all stages of business creation and growth.

Targeting the largest or fastest-growing markets is not always the right approach. Startups with no existing market penetration must pursue markets where they have a clear technical or cost advantage. We provide a clear-eyed assessment of relevant markets for a subject technology and develop strategies to break into those markets.

Market Research and Validation

Presentations and Pitch Decks

Understanding the audience is key to pitching new technologies to investors of any sort. The technology may be great, but the presentation must address the needs of the audience. We work with early startups to understand the audience and to prepare highly targeted marketing materials.

We provide customized training to enable your startups to compete for funding more effectively. We cover a broad range of topics but must importantly, this training is detailed and actionable. Unlike many training offerings, which are mostly infomercials, we provide specific, actionable guidance that can be use immediately. We share the same techniques that we use to maintain our Phase I win rate at 60% and our Phase II win rate above 90%. Training can be held at your location, our location, or virtually.

Training, On-Site or Virtual