Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

Resources for Lean Start-Ups

  • Startup basics and business strategy

  • Securing funding

  • Business mentoring

All of our senior leadership has been in your shoes and each has started new companies in “boot strap” mode. For entrepreneurs and new startups, we offer a range of free or very low-cost services to help you get started.

Proposal Development Training (Free) 

We offer over 100 free webinars per year, most of which are focused on competing for SBIR funding. Our training is unique because the content is very detailed and actionable. We cover some of the same strategies that we use to maintain our client’s proposal win rates at 60% for Phase I and over 90% for Phase II.

If you are working on your first, or first few, SBIR projects then the SBIR project execution training will be extremely valuable. Our approach focuses on enabling you to secure the next round of funding.

SBIR/ STTR Project Execution Training (Free)

Startup Basic Training (Free)

Launching a business is a high-risk endeavor and we take a hands-on approach to enable inventors and entrepreneurs to take those first critical steps. We provide both detailed, nuts & bolts guidance as well as long-term strategy development.

Do you know what registrations are required to launch a business? Do you know the administrative requirements to apply for and receive federal funding? We can help you navigate this maze to prevent you from missing a funding opportunity.

Assistance with State and Federal Registrations (low-cost)

Proposal Development Support (Low-Cost)

Writing proposals is probably not your favorite task. We have decades of experience in proposal writing and have developed proven strategies that will greatly streamline the process and minimize the total investment in proposal preparation.