Events and Webinars

Below is a summary of upcoming webinars and events. All webinars are free unless specified otherwise. If you would like to suggest a webinar topic, we would appreciate hearing from you.

Upcoming Webinars

Creating a Powerful DoE Phase II Commercialization Plan

Commercialization accounts for almost 1/3 of the merit review criteria, yet the Commercialization Plan is often neglected in the proposal writing process. Learn how to not only write a great Commercialization Plan, but how to create the substance that goes into it.

DoE Phase II Narrative: Dos and Don’ts

Do you know what the DoE really wants to see in your Phase II proposal? We present specific techniques to enable you to write a winning DoE Phase II proposal, in much less time. Using these strategies, we help our clients maintain their Phase II win rate above 90%.

DoD Phase I Proposals: Critical Bid/No-Bid Criteria

Don’t waste time writing proposals that will be dead on arrival. We cover four specific criteria that we use to help our clients strategically focus their B&P investment. Learn to compete where you can win and strategies to overcome challenges for “must write” proposals.

Writing a Compelling DoD Phase I Proposal

To be competitive, your proposal must differentiate your solution from all others. It is not enough to simply describe what you will do. We share specific techniques that we use to enable our clients to maintain their Phase I win rate at 60%.