Upcoming Webinars

Execute Phase I SBIR/STTR to Ensure a Phase II Win

We often hear the ideal outcome to Phase I is to win Phase II. But how does this goal impact your project plan and execution? Join us to hear how to focus on Phase II from the beginning of Phase I.

Create a Navy Phase II Commercialization/Transition Plan

This section is often an afterthought, but it counts for >20% of the Evaluation points. Join us to hear how to prepare a compliant and compelling plan that will secure all the evaluation points available.

DOE Phase I SBIR Proposals: Write to be Graded

SBIR proposals are not read, they are graded. We focus on how that reality should fundamentally impact your writing approach.

A Better Way to Approach Your DOE Commercialization Plan

It’s not enough to simply point to a big commercial market and claim that you will be able to break into it. Learn how to build a substantive commercialization plan and then write a compelling argument to support it.

DOD Phase I SBIR: Advanced Writing Strategies

This is not SBIR 101. We cover three specific focus areas that will put daylight between you and your competition.

Planning for Technology Transition to Your DOD Customer

When writing a DOD SBIR proposal, remember: the DOD wants to be your customer. We describe how to develop and present a compelling plan to transition your technology to a DOD program of record.