TechOpp Consulting, Inc.

Where Technology Meets OpportunityTM

Moving Technology from Ideas to ProductsTM

We help our clients transition new technologies from ideas to products by targeting the right opportunities, securing funding, establishing partnerships, and engaging with the customer to understand the application requirements. We invest in your success.

Secure and Optimize Funding

We enable our clients to secure federal, state, and private investments and maximize ROI by targeting opportunities with a high probability of success. We optimize the investment value by bringing our proactive approach and business expertise to the team.

Establish Partnerships

We establish partnerships between entrepreneurs, early adopters and funding sources by creating value propositions for all stakeholders and proactive, targeted outreach. 

Technology Transition and Commercialization

We enable technology transition to specific applications by clearly defining the market niche, operational requirements, our client’s competitive advantage, and assembling the right team to overcome barriers to entry. 

Primary Services

We offer tailored business development and technology transition services to small businesses, universities, industry principals, investors, and federal research laboratories.

Secure R&D Funding

We help small, high-tech companies secure R&D funding and transition new technologies to products. We focus on leveraging federal and private investment to establish strategic partnerships that facilitate opportunity creation and product sales. 

Leverage TABA Funding

We help companies secure additional funding under the TABA program. We utilize those funds to maximize your chance of securing the next stage of funding. 

Targeted Business Development

We offer targeted business development as a low-risk option to hiring a full-time employee. We assemble a focused team to find and create opportunities for your technology within specific industries. 

Tech Transfer Resources

We accelerate the commercialization of university inventions by enabling new spin-offs and licensing to existing companies who can transition that IP to a product. We identify relevant funding opportunities to facilitate continued development.

Technology Infusion

We facilitate technology infusion by integrating technology developers with end-users and system integrators. This collaboration enables a detailed understanding of specific application requirements, concepts of operation, and focused technology development. 

New Business Launch

We offer several free resources to new startups to enable them to get started on the right track. We also provide services through technology incubators and state-funded organizations working to create jobs in their region. 

“We’ve worked with TechOpp on a number of SBIR projects. We’ve found their team to be the most effective of any of the commercialization support companies we’ve worked with in the past. They’ve worked to understand the technology in each case and then done an amazing job of locating and bringing in valuable contacts for teaming and potential customers. Based on the successes we’ve experienced in the past, we work exclusively with TechOpp on proposals and projects going forward.”

-Dave Swensen, Senior Principal and Co-President, Reaction Engineering

“TOC provides a hands-on, pro-active and truly interested effort in taking on the business case for our SiC technology. We have been impressed with their market research and analysis, and ability to find additional funding and prospective customers for us. We consider them an integral part of the Ozark IC team and use their services as much as we can.”

-Matt Francis, President and CEO, Ozark IC

“Crossfield® applies emerging processing, networking and storage technologies to create innovative devices ranging from ultra-low-power wireless sensors to ultra-high-performance Instrumentation Gateways. We have found TechOpp Consulting to be very effective in identifying and maturing commercial and federal partnerships and/or potential sales opportunities. We especially appreciate TOC taking the lead on this effort by being pro-active; it allows us to focus on the technical aspects of the project. ”

-Gary McMillian, Ph.D., Scientist & Member of LLC, Crossfield Technology LLC,


Customized Support

We are engaged, listen to your needs, and focus our work to meet your objectives. We work for you.


Proactively Engaged

We are highly proactive and take on the commercialization work so you can stay focused on technical tasks.


Comprehensive Services

From early support to product sales, we can help move your technology from idea to product.


Experienced Staff

Our senior staff has the market and stakeholder intelligence to add value from the start of each project.


Entrepreneurial Roots

As fellow entrepreneurs, we invest in you. We take the success of each project personally.


Strategic Vision

Our broad base enables a unique perspective to provide strategic guidance for your business.