Vladimir PolejaevVladimir Polejaev

Vladimir Polejaev earned his Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics at Moscow State University, Russia, specializing in laser physics and adaptive optics (systems with feedback control).

His post-doctorate work was done at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (Washington D.C.) where Vladimir developed methods for active imaging and adaptive optics algorithms.

Vladimir Polejaev worked as a Principal Investigator at Luna Innovations (high tech fiber optics company) in a multi-project environment where he led a team of engineers for small business projects for the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air Force and DARPA.

His other industrial experience includes work at Electro-Tech and Zygo Corporation.

During the last six years, Vladimir worked at Yale University School of Medicine and Nanobiology Institute where he designed and built several microscope-based systems for biological and medical applications. The TIRF-FRAP system he built was licensed by GE Healthcare and is now available for purchase.

Vladimir Polejaev has extensive experience in Microscopy and opto-mechanical system design. He is an expert in optics design (including 'Zemax' design software), adaptive optics, interferometry, laser physics, electronics, programming (C++). Vladimir has completed over 30 projects in new product development for industry and academic research.