CAPT David Kern (USN, Ret.)CAPT David Kern (USN, Ret.)

Capt. Kern's most distinguished command was USS Virginia. He led a crew of 140 officers and enlisted through a demanding sequence of mechanical, electrical and at-sea operations of a revolutionary submarine design. Under his direction, the completed. USS Virginia was ranked 8th in retention among all Atlantic submarines. He completed his command tour as the number one ranked SSN commanding officer in Submarine, Group Two.

Capt. Kern has been responsible for several other large projects, which have also been remarkably successful. Beginning in 2007, he was the Submarine Forces primary representative in coordinating the annual development of a $12B Submarine Force Modernization Sponsor Program Proposal. His role in this project included annual budget modernization, budget development, operational concept development and experimentation. David advised the Commander, Submarine Forces on a broad range of issues including workforce diversity, science and technology initiatives, Nuclear Posture Review and the Quadrennial Defense Review.

His experience also includes leading over 650 sailors and civilians as head of the Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS) with Type Commander-like responsibilities and staff responsible to man, train and equip all IUSS shore facilities, associated CNO special projects, and TAGOS surveillance ships. In this program, he developed IUSS policy, monitored IUSS requirements and developed and implemented a program of integrating IUSS sensors into the National Maritime Intelligence Center resulting in hundreds of new contacts reports supporting U.S. Navy Homeland Defense missions.

Capt. Kern has a Ph.D. in Engineering Management, a M.A. in National Security Affairs, and a B.S. in Physics.