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Mike Miller

Mike MillerMike Miller

Mike Miller is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced technology and business leader who has worked in three different technology-based companies, including two startups, and has founded a third startup himself. He has been a board member of the Virginia Economic Development Commission and the Economic Development Authority and has served as chair for both bodies.

Mike is the Founder and President of Kire Technology, a business consulting company which provides mentoring for numerous high-tech startup companies and has also served the National Science Foundation with professional business review and mentoring for small business grantees. He is the business plan reviewer and mentor for select companies chosen to participate in the annual World's Best Technologies Showcase. Mike previously served as the Senior Licensing Manager at Virginia Tech's Intellectual Properties, Inc. and is now the Senior Innovations Officer for the Cleveland Clinic Innovations Alliance, stationed in Blacksburg. He is a Founder and CEO of Virginia nanoTech, LLC, a nanomaterials-based biomedical sensing platform company. Finally, Mike is the founder and Managing Director of Virginia Media Services which provides reporting, copy writing, photography, and graphic design services throughout southwest Virginia.

As an Affiliated Consultant with TechOpp Consulting, Mike brings tremendous expertise in commercialization, business plan vetting and execution as well as in licensing negotiation and IP protection, market niche analysis, and business mentoring.

Mike has also served as the COO and Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Prime Research LLC, as VP of R&D, Luna Innovations, Inc., and was the Manager of Advanced Product Development for Litton Systems, Inc.