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  • MissionMission

    Our mission is to help our clients secure R&D funding and commercialize new technologies. We work with small to mid-size businesses, universities, non-profit research organizations and have helped to win funding from all major federal agencies.
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  • PresencePresence

    With clients in 18 states nationwide, TechOpp Consulting is committed to providing quality service wherever you need it. We heavily leverage telepresence and collaborative tools to enable cost-effective business development support.
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  • Customer-FocusedSolutions

    With over 400 years of combined experience and a nationwide network of consultants, TechOpp Consulting provides targeted solutions to help our clients secure R&D funding and facilitate commercialization. We focus on your needs.
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  • DiversificationDiversification

    TechOpp Consulting works in virtually every industry that utilizes Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing (STEM) disciplines. Our team has a deep understanding of existing and emerging needs and can quickly match your technology to high-demand applications.
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  • Results that Count

    TechOpp Consulting has established an exceptional track record at securing funding and generating commercial product sales. Over 84%, by dollar value, of proposals that we support and endorse have been awarded. Our success is your success.
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  • Target
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Understanding the Challenge

The Challenge

Starting a company is a strategic investment.  TechOpp Consulting can help develop a long-term business development strategy to get you from inception to commercialization.

If developing and executing a business development strategy was easy, anyone could do it.  TechOpp Consulting can help you identify growth opportunities for the future.

Target the Opportunity

the Opportunity

You’re not pushing a technology, you’re solving a problem.  Our diversified experience base will help match your unique capabilities to existing and emerging challenges that need to be solved.

You know that your technology is great; we’ll help you identify the customers who need the capabilities you offer.  Our pro-active approach will put you in front of decision makers early in the opportunity life-cycle.

Compete Like you Mean it

Like You Mean It

Increasingly, organizations rely on outside expertise to tap into both government and commercial funding, thus significantly raising the competitive bar and making it more difficult for isolated teams to differentiate themselves.  Our pro-active approach gets you in front of the opportunity before your competitors get there.

Times are tough; you need to be smarter than your competition.  Our experience base can give you the edge you need.

Reap the Rewards

The Rewards

Graduate from the SBIR program and generate recurring revenues.  TechOpp Consulting can provide access to sales channels, pilot manufacturing, marketing, intellectual property protection and more.

Cross the “Valley of Death,” take your business to the next level, and don’t look back.


Statistics Main

TechOpp Consulting has established an exceptional track record at securing funding and generating commercial product sales.  Over 84%, by dollar value, of proposals that we support and endorse have been awarded.  Our success is your success.

Hitrate pie chart

"TechOpp Consulting is a leading provider of consulting services, enabling small businesses and universities to secure funding from government and others to aide in new technology development and commercialization. I found them to provide excellent services for our company. Their tailored services are specific and relevant to the needs of our business. I would not hesitate in recommending TechOpp Consulting. In particular, I have known Bob Fielder, a Company Principal, for many years and consider him a true leader, and an effective producer who responds to his client’s needs promptly and very professionally. I have no doubt that Bob and his team are among the very best in all that they do.”

- Dr. Hash Hashemian

President, Analysis and Measurement Services Corporation


Securing Funding

Many of our team members have served in the government as program managers, proposal reviewers, purchasers and key decision makers.  We know the customer because we have been the customer.  We understand how to match new technologies with critical needs and to help our clients make the case that their solution is uniquely suited to the task. 

  • Pre-solicitation introductions to key decision makers
  • Proposal preparation
  • Letters of support
  • Red Team review



Without qualified guidance, many great new technologies never make it to commercial products.  We are highly motivated to see our federal investment in research and development bear fruit and are committed to helping our clients commercialize their technologies.  Our comprehensive commercialization support offerings enable our clients to take their technologies all the way to production.

  • IP protection and licensing support
  • Scaled-up manufacturing
  • Marketing and branding
  • Website development